Solar Heat Recovery HS

Waste heat recovery is an exciting renewable energy technology. Waste heat recovery units are an energy recovery heat exchanger that recovers heat from hot streams, such as, cooling towers, or air conditioners, drain water, sewers and diesel generators. Waste heat recovery units add to the efficiency of building energy needs, decreasing the cost of fuel and energy consumption, as well as dramatically reducing thermal and air pollution, since most of the energy is recycled.

In addition there is much energy loss in traditional methods through transmission and extra transport equipment required, estimated to be up to around 66% loss in electricity value. There is much less energy wastage when you are using your onsite resources through modern heat recovery methods. This has a big impact on the environment.

The best heat source for waste recovery is water, either drain water or ground water from a well, river or lake. Hotels, multi-residential buildings, public pools and hospitals are all large quantity users of water, and waste or drain water can be recycled back into the heating system. Waste water is piped to waste heat recovery units which recover the energy and divert it back into building energy.

Other waste heat recovery sources can come from commercial kitchens. The commercial kitchens of fast food restaurants like Tim Horton’s, MacDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. are also successful sources for a waste heat recovery system.

Pool Heat recovery is the most common waste heat recovery system. Swiss Solar Tech has a special hybrid system design that is able to collect virtually all the wasted heat from exhaust air and waste water. Pools can be heated virtually 80% – 90% by waste heat recovery methods, with minor energy backup. Contact us for details.

Pool heat recovery will be one of the next generation heat reclaim systems used to bring the heat back into the building instead of draining it into the sewer or blowing warm air out of the building into the atmosphere.

All of these hybrid systems have great Co2 savings, since no natural gas is used. See our waste heat recovery projects at right. Contact Swiss Solar Tech for a site analysis, and to design a waste heat recovery system that maximizes your property’s natural heat resources.