Solar PV for Business

Owners of businesses and managers who want that step up from other businesses will really benefit from renewable energy. If the business wants to make a statement and show a large commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, give some thought to these systems. There are an ever increasing number of businesses wanting to display a willingness towards environmental responsibilty. This displays a leadership in new incentives and new technologies, making this step seem so natural for future businesses.

Solar Photovoltaic is one of the most durable renewable energy systems in the Canada today. There are no moving parts and most solar PV modules have a 25 year warranty. The solar electricity can be used for any commercial, public or institutional building and the solar electricity that is generated by the sun, but not used by the buildings energy consumption and be fed back into the utility grid and used as a credit during night time. This is called a grid-tied solar PV system and it can also be used to store electricity to be used as back-up power during power outages.

We will assist you to design, within your budget, a clean energy energy system that will help lower your operating costs and provide a unique marketing opportunity for your operation.