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Commercial Solar Projects
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Solar Pool Heating

The Advantages of Solar

  • Of all energy sources - solar is the one source that can bring energy directly to the user with no "middleman" - you can't tax the sun.
  • Solar is a clean, powerful, proven and practical source of energy. Its benefits intersect all the major issues that we face daily as individuals, as part of a local community, and as a nation.
  • By reducing pollution it can reduce health costs, it can save money on our energy bills, and supply a reliable source of power not affected by international events or natural catastrophes. All while creating jobs and wealth locally and improving our environment.
  • Unlike other forms of energy, solar has zero emission, operates silently, requires little maintenance and is generated where it is needed - at a factory, an office building, in a hotel or at home.
  • Solar energy's benefits are real and immediate - creating savings for years to come while reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and helping the environment.
  • Statistics for Canada state: that solar thermal can generate as many as 28 jobs per $1 million invested compared to only 7 jobs for conventional energy sources.

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